At GP Cricket we provide elite level coaching, accessible to players of all ages and abilities. We use dynamic and challenging sessions to achieve our coaching vision – ‘enjoyment through development’.

GP clients benefit from our relaxed and personal coaching environment. This is because it encourages players to think openly and critically about their own game. Our experience as players and coaches has taught us that ‘player-led’ sessions are vital for achieving development. 

The GP coaches currently play competitive cricket – having both played to a high standard. This therefore allows us to deliver dynamic sessions, as we understand the needs of the modern cricketer. Our determination to advance our own personal games enables us to discover innovative ways of improving the skills of our clients.

Having experienced elite level cricket first-hand, we understand that skills alone are not enough to perform consistently. The mental part of the game is hugely important. Performing under stressful situations requires practice. Therefore, our sessions lay emphasis on game-awareness and decision-making, to allow our clients to perform their skills during matches.  

Our coaching vision – ‘enjoyment through development’ – was born out of our own experiences as players. We realised that it was when we could see our own game developing that we really got a buzz from playing. And this is true of our clients. Whether it is helping a County batsman increase his average from 40 to 60, or helping a complete beginner bowl their first straight ball, we understand that seeing development is the key to enjoying cricket. 

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